A guide to upskilling your workforce

Eurosource offer a wide range of training solutions for your staff, helping to expand their skills and knowledge, in order to contribute towards a growing business.

Apprenticeships can range from level 2 to level 5 and we can advise where needed so as to select an apprenticeship which suits the learning and development needs of your employees.

Benefits of upskilling your staff:

  • By encouraging the development of your teams skills, you can improve productivity and contribute towards further growth
  • Upskilling motivates staff and gives them more confidence in their abilities to fulfil their role
  • A higher skilled staff can enable you to fill key skill gaps within your business
  • Developing the skills of your workforce enable you to progress staff internally into larger roles, meaning you can retain the staff you already have
  • A workplace which offers upskilling and development opportunities can attract talented new candidates to join your business, who are productive and positive about their work.
  • Upskilling existing staff results in a lower turnover of workers, meaning you save on the costs of new hires.

We can also advise and support you with the Employer Levy & with your organisations training plan. With our knowledge and understanding of the industry we can help you get the best deal for training.

Got a question?

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